Month: June 2022

Mana Ako : BREAK TIME!

Mana ako is coming to a end for term 2 and now I am getting ready for the holidays.

-> What do  you look forward to?

I am looking forward to starting at a new school.

-> What do you try to avoid?

think that I mostly try to avoid public speaking

-> What is something you don’t enjoy BUT is good for you?

Something I don’t enjoy to much is reading, but every teacher always tells me that reading is the MOST important subject.

Here are 2 learning goals i have set for myself:

  1. To blog 2 times a week in the holidays
  2. To read more books

Thank you to all the Mana ako teacher Mrs Tele’a, Miss Tele’s, Mr Tuala for teaching us lots of important lessons and helping us be more confidence.

Classify Polygons

Today we learned about polygon. With our teacher we went through the slides and looked at the different kinds of polygon. We talked about how many sides and edges each shape has. We learnt about new shapes like the decagon wich has ten sides and the nonagon which has nine. We look at irregular and regular shapes looking that how that are differtent but are stil the same. I think the hardest thing in this task was trying to remember all the names for the shapes. I hope you enjoy these slides and feel free to leave a commet


Extension Sub-Topic Brain Storm

Today we in extension we were assign to make a brain storm on a movie about the local history. Me, Legacy and Finau have decide to research and make a movie about the myths and legends of the local area. We decide to make the movie about the mthy of the two maori sisters Reipae and Reitu. The myth is about the two sister that are princess that named the two mountians, Mount Maungarei and Mount Maungatu.

Kindness Movie

This is my kindness movie that Miss West had assigned us to do for extension. I made this movie with Aye and Tumanako, together we got about six kids to star in our movie. Because it was anti bully week we made a movie about it but here at Point England we don’t bully so instead we promote anti bully in a postive way. Hope you enjoy and take something postive from this.

Mount Maungarei Drawing

This term we are learning about the history of New Zealand’s landmark’s. Miss West assigned us to make a google drawing of what you think Panmure would’ve looked like before the Europeans settle in New Zealand. Since there were no car’s people often used a waka to travel. People would make their tent near there marae that is in the middle of the land. The people also traveled by waka back then so everyone had one so they could go out and catch some fish to eat Here is my drawing on scratch of what I thought Panmure would look like, hope you like it.