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Classify Polygons

Today we learned about polygon. With our teacher we went through the slides and looked at the different kinds of polygon. We talked about how many sides and edges each shape has. We learnt about new shapes like the decagon wich has ten sides and the nonagon which has nine. We look at irregular and regular shapes looking that how that are differtent but are stil the same. I think the hardest thing in this task was trying to remember all the names for the shapes. I hope you enjoy these slides and feel free to leave a commet


My Math-whizz Status

This week I have earned my 3 progressions and I am now a math-whizz pro. I found the activity a bit harder than normal but that is good. While getting my progressions it was challenging because the first activity was learning to notice and recognise data and ratios. The next activity was just fraction which was once hard for me but after some time it got easier which helps because we do lots of fractions in team 5. The last activity was easy it was just showing me another way to divide bigger numbers like three digit numbers. That is how i got my three progressions in math whizz and now I’m a pro. 👍👍👍👍