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Free Writing – The Dream

The Dream

It was a cloudy rainy night, and Mickey was about to finish his dinner.  He took his last bite and stood up to take his favourite teddy bear ‘Huggy’ to go and play with some toys. As mum ( Lisa ) and dad ( Mike ) cleared the table  “ Mikey it’s time to get ready for bed “ dad said. 
Mikey ran upstairs and into the bathroom, he carefully placed huggy next to the sink just far enough so he wouldn’t get wet.  Mikey didn’t want Huggy to get water because he was already a bit run down.  Huggy had a button for his left eye and stitches on his face because he was stitched up from Mikey’s nana and given to him as a christmas present. Nana didn’t live far away; she was only about a few houses down.
Huggy did kind of frighten Mikey’s parents but they tried not to mind.  As Mikey climbed into bed, dad came to tuck him in. “ Dad, there’s a monster under my bed, “ Mikey said, a bit unsettled. Dad tried to make Mikey feel better but he could tell something was wrong, he could faintly see the bed shaking while Mikey begged for his dad to check under the bed.
Dad took a deep breath and gave in to his son “ okay, I’ll see what’s under your bed. ”.  Dad bent down and lifted the blanket sheet dragging on the ground, opened his eyes and to his shock under the bed was…..  MIKEY! 
Dad almost had a heart attack, dad was very confused but tried not to scream because he didn’t want to worry Mikeybut then Mikey who was under the bed spoke “ Dad, there’s a monster on my bed. ”. Dad sprang up from the ground to see if Mikey was this in bed, he was still on the bed, but under the bed.
From under the bed “ There’s a monster on my bed. ” Mikey said, Dad started backing away from the bed as the two Mikey’s got up and started to corner him chanting “ There’s a monster. ’’ over and over again as Mikey’s eyes started to turn bright red. In horror dad ran out the room as fast as his legs could let him.
Down the stairs and out the house not thinking about who’s still in the house Mikey’s dad ran all the way to Nana’s house. Thinking he was safe he called out for his mum, going around looking for her he found her lying on the floor in the kitchen. Dad thought he was having a great attack seeing his own mother on the floor with her eye pitch black.
He was in distress seeing his mother and own child like that. He turned around watching the door and he could hear the two Mikey’s chanting “ THERE’S A MONSTER, THERE’S A MONSTER” getting louder every time.  The door gets thrown open, the wind gushing through, the two Mikey’s louder than he’s ever heard before.
He tries to turn around and run but Nana had risen from the floor and blocked his way he then realised that in the hands of the two Mikey’s was HUGGY THE TEDDY BEAR. Both the kids and their mother chanted “ There’s a monster here.”. With no escape the only thing Dad could do is scream till his lungs tore apart. 
Dad closed his eyes and started screaming but then leaped from his bed gasping for air in distress and was relieved that it was just a dream but in the corron of his eye he could see Huggy setting right across the room staring right at him.