Tag: Week 10

The Race

This week in literacy we are making animations useing google slides, I have done this before in my class for cybersmarts. My animation is about a goldfish who is swimming in the ocean and a big shark comes along and ask him for a race, the goldfish agress and they start. The little goldfish is far behide the shark but he doesn’t give up and starts going faster but out of nowhere the shark turns around and opens his mouth wide. The little fish was going to fast at the time so he was unable to stop in time to not get eaten. In the end the shark won and had a early lunch.

Stick Figure Walking Animation 2

This is my running animation of a stick man. This is my second animation but unstead the person is running straight and not sidewards. I liked do the animation and seeing the final results.

How to make a Marmite and Chips sandwich

This is my literacy presentation for my homework on how to make a marmite and chips sandwich. We had to write a introduction explaning what the instructions will cover. Then break down the task into clear, logical steps. Write instructions useing simple, easy-to-understand language.