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Willow Park – Fun Day

On wednesday team 5 had a fun day and went to Willow Park. We all got to wear mufti and bring snacks on the trip. When we arrived at school nearly everyone in team 5 was in mufti, and lots brang snacks. We all waited until the bell rang and came into the street, the teachers gave us some notices and did the roll then as the buses started to come they called us up room by room and we headed to the bus.

The bus ride was about 40 minutes long and we walked around the campsite, it was quite big. I have been here before, the teachers informed us that we had 10 minutes to run around and have free time. After 10 minutes we all gathered under a tree and one by one got up, into a line and got our morning tea. For morning tea we had some little quiche tarts. 

We had 30 minutes to play more and get changed, then it was time to go to the beach. I helped carry the paddle board to the water and set it up. I didn’t swim because of my leg so I just sat at the top of the sand with my friends.

When it started to spit a little we made our way back to camp, they gave everyone time to wash themself and get all clean then it was time to have lunch. For lunch we had hot dogs, potato salad and some fruit, the lunch we were given was provided by the willow park owners. After eating we played a little more than as the day was coming to an end it was time for a clean up of the site.

After cleaning up we sat down in our classes and did the roll to see if we were missing anyone. After everyone was accounted for we said a thank you to the owners and they gave us a little gift.

If we had another fun day I would like to come to Mufti, and maybe have a movie.

This is my writing about our fun day at Willow Park on wednesday.